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To clean up helping preventing
any natural disasters


Oil Sorber special granules are super absorbent and also suppress vapors. Spills are now easier and safer to clean up helping preventing any natural disasters.

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Minimize contamination
to fur and feathers

Beach / Rock Cleaning

Environmental friendly Oil Sorber special cork granules can be applied / sprayed on rocky shores and beaches of importance to wildlife (e.g. penguins and seals), to minimize contamination to fur and feathers as they come ashore.

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Absorb and contain diesel fuel and other chemicals


Diesel fuel, lubricants, solvents, and other chemicals are all used and stored at project sites. Contractors that are responsible for transporting and using such materials are aware of the associated environmental hazards, and should have Oil Sorber products to deal, efficiently and safely, with a major or a minor spill.

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Prevent small spills from becoming big spills

Industry, Factories and

Oil Sorber spill kits and Oil Sorber special granules are very handy in factories for a fast and efficient response when a spill occurs. Best way to prevent small spills from becoming big spills.

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Long floatation capacity

Dams, Ports, Harbors
and Marinas

Oil Sorber products are 100% natural, hydrophobic and super absorbent, which are ideal to be used in waters and by port authorities. Prevent any spill from happening or contain it immediately with our very special and resistant Oil Sorber booms with various lengths, easy deployment and long floatation capacity (even after saturation).

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Incredible performance withJet fuel and other types of fuels


In case of a spill, it must be cleaned immediately. Fixed Based Operators and Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting are always concerned about the safety on their airports and maintenance facilities. CorkSorb has an incredible performance with Jet fuel and other types of fuels. It reduces vapors drastically.

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Oil Sorber backpack spill kits
to deal with minor spills

Truck Fleet /
Maintenance Cars

Oil Sorber backpack spill kits are very light, easy to handle and fit properly in a small space. If any minor spill happens, now you can deal with it fast, efficiently and with no environmental concerns.

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Clear spills at Petrol Stations

Petrol Stations

Small spills happen constantly in petrol stations. Be ready and have Oil Sorber products in hand to clean the spill right away.

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Fast, easy and environmental
friendly clean-up

Fire Departments

Oil Sorber special granules are very useful on a fire truck for a fast, easy and environmental friendly clean-up.

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Quickly absorb and contain the oil

On-Shore Off-Shore
Oil Drilling Companies

When drilling, crude can sometimes be spilled onto the surface. Oil Sorber special granules are then sprayed on the spill to quickly absorb and contain the oil from spreading.

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Oil Sorber

Cork is a 100% Natural Product, completely renewable,
extracted from the bark of the Cork Oak.

“Special cork granules 100% Natural,
Sustainable and renewable.”

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