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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sorbent?
Which liquids are absorbed by Oil Sorber?
Do Oil Sorber products absorb water?
Why Oil Sorber is environmentally friendly and sustainable?
Oil Sorber is safe?
Does Oil Sorber absorb the same independently of the oil?
How much does Oil Sorber absorb?
Which are the factors that influence the cost of the spill treatments?
Is it better to use Oil Sorber or a dispersant?
Is Oil Sorber non-toxic?
Why does Oil Sorber have low density?
What is cork?
How is the cork oak harvest life?
Is the cork legally harvested and sourced from sustainably managed and accredited forests?
Isn’t there a shortage of cork in the world?
Where is cork produced?
What is the total production of cork?
What is the total production of cork?
Where can you find cork oak forests?
Why is said that cork is fire resistant?


The Oil Sorber products are absorbents designed to deal with any kind
of hydrocarbons, oils, solvents and organic compounds spills.

“Sustainable Absorbents and 100% natural”

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